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We are a ceramics design and production studio, specialising in slipcasting porcelain.

Everything we do revolves around craft and creating products that bring joy into our daily routines through soothing aesthetics and functionality.

We find value in creating things that last. Our work is 100% handmade in our atelier in Utrecht, where we pour all our time and care into every step of the process. The individual character of each piece tells a story about our craftsmanship.

Suzan Becking


Ethical & small batch productions

We are committed to operating sustainably, choosing quality over quantity and wasting as little material as possible. Therefore, our stock is limited and most of our products are made upon request. Delivery time is generally 3-6 weeks.

Make it Personal
Customise your order

Items from our husk tableware and plato collection can be ordered in a custom colour or finish. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We're happy to advice you.

Commissioned Productions

In addition to our own collections, we also manufacture small-scale productions in collaboration with or commissioned by designers, brands and restaurants.

As executive producers, we offer our expertise to realise your project; handcrafted in our own atelier, where we have access to all the necessary facilities to carry out the production from start to finish.

We have produced for, among others: Hozan Zangana, Marije Vogelzang, Tim van de Weerd, Paul Ketz, Koffie & Ik, Jenna Postma, Sandra Turina, Bone Design Studio, Mara Skujeniece and The Very Good Candle Company.

Interested in collaborating with us? Please contact us at hello@huskceramics.com.


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