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We love sharing our experiences.
Participate in one of our workshops or courses and learn more about casting ceramics and the values of porcelain.


During our slipcasting workshop of 2-3 hours you will make your own set of cups and experiment with different colours and techniques. The newest workshop in the workshop series is this slipcasting workshop in which you will make your own set of bowls. For the ones who have already joined the slipcasting workshop (more than) once, we offer the follow up workshop
In case you are more experienced and interested in creating your own plaster mould for your project, we also offer a one day / 6-hour workshop in which we will guide you through making your own professional mould. [this last workshop is available on request]                                                                                


Experience the full production process by participating in our course. In 4 lessons (spread over 2 weekends), you will make your very own product/object from start to finish. At the end of the course you will have around 6-8 finished products. Read more...

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